Paavan Solanki – Founder


He is Business Enthusiast, Commerce Graduate and a Diploma Holder in Information Technology.  He is Search Engine mentor and blogger since last 12 years. Presently Founder and Director of  & World Records India

Kite flying was a hobby since childhood and with growing times, he took it seriously and transformed this hobby in profession and became a International Kite Flyers – he is founder and president of Royal Kite Flyers Club since last 7 years.

He had actively participated in various Domestic and international kite festival in India, Cha-am Thailand, Dubai, Borneo Malaysia,  Banda – Ache, Jakarta Indonesia and Singapore. Interested in local kite events, he enthusiastically participates in all these events. He is an international kitiest, a keen kite fighter and an expert kites maker. Further, in future, he is looking forward to participate in International kite festivals in Dipp, Vietnam, Thaiwan, China and Washington Kite Festival