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Welcome to Royal Kite Flyers Club

About the Kite Club:



The Royal Kite Flyers Club is an association for kiting founded by expert professional flyer Paavan Solanki and Akash Solanki in 2008. Since then the organization has been participating in various national and international kite festivals. Serving as voluntary cultural ambassadors of India, the flyers few to destinations like India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai to participate in kiting events. You can contact the kite club for competitions and workshops covering all aspects of kiting, including safety parameters.


It started as a hobby for them, and soon became a passion. The members at the Royal Kite Flyers Club ( ) from Ahmedabad are ready to bring kiting to mainstream attention. They are offering their services to organize any kiting event.  Kites present a unique opportunity of branding and advertisement for anyone looking for an effective method to engage the attention of an audience. From nonprofit organizations to core corporate companies, anyone can benefit from the ethnic uniqueness of branding opportunity by kiting. Flying customized kites on special occasions like Corporate Kite Flying Events, Bollywood Movies Kite Flying Shoot , Weddings,  School Events, Occasional Parties can give a special sky-high touch to the events. You can contact the administrators at the RKFC to set up a special kiting event.

The organization aims to be the single unifying body of all kite enthusiasts across India. Anyone who loves the thrill of touching the clouds and going beyond them with their kites is welcome to be a member of the club. If you are unaware of the techniques of kite flying, the club organizes workshop programs where anyone of any age can attend. Children are especially welcome to such unique workshops, where they can learn how to make and fly kites. The workshops also train about the safety parameters in kite flying. People with disabilities can also fly kites and enjoy the taste of freedom. The workshop also provides kite painting services among other advantages. Experienced kite flyers would handle all aspects of the workshop and ensure that you feel the uplifting spirit that is symbolic of flying kites. It has hold Limca Book of Records and World Records India to Learn Kite Making for maximum student.

The RKFC has been participating in national and international kite flying events since 2008. They participated in events at Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai and Singapore. The national venues of kiting events participated by them include events at Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kochi, Nasik, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaiselmer, Sholapur, Baramati, Pune,  and Mumbai. These events have been hugely successful in promoting and sharing the enthusiasm of flying kites. Driven by the experience, the club wishes to extend its services in organizing kite workshops and events of kiting competitions.

The club strongly believes in the sense of freedom implied by a flying kite. As any kite flyer would recognize, the practice of flying the kites super high creates an enthralling ecstasy in the heart. The RKFC actively looks forward to connect with other national and international kiting clubs to share experiences and organize mega competitions. The club also embraces the concept of promoting kiting as a medium for upholding ethnic Indian culture and traditions. Although kiting first started in China, yet it is now a popular international sport, especially in India. The club members are proud to uphold their passion to promote the diversity and richness of Indian culture. They aim to be ambassadors of Indian kiting culture to the world.

The club operates by strict professional principles of member unity. Each member has the respect of others as accomplished kite flyer. The club presently consists of 250 members, who periodically meet to fly kites and discuss the various aspects of this great sport. They are also keen to participate in any kiting event across India or in other countries.

Contact information about the company:

Contact person: Paavan Solanki
Address:  4/306, Anand Nagar, 100 Feet Ring Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad – 380051
Telephone: 91-9825326777
E mail ID:

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